RETURNS this is it? We're breaking up? Was it something we did? Give us a chance to fix it! We'll make it right. Please email us at

But, if you have already made your mind up...

We love our products so much, but we get it. Sometimes it's just not a match. Sooo, (awkward pause), if you really want to send it back, we suggest following these steps:

1. Sleep on it. It may look better in the morning.

2. Isn't there SOMEONE you can re-gift this to?

3. Okay, seriously though. Within 14 days, of the first time you laid your very own eyes on this amazing product, send it back to us! It's that simple. And we'll happily refund your money in penny rolls. We kid. It will come back to you exactly the way it came to us.

And, if there is something that we could change about ourselves to make you like us more, please email us at, and tell us all about it!